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Islamic Finance: The New Regulatory Challenge 2nd Edition Free Download Pdf

Islamic Finance From the world’s foremost authorities on the subject, the number-one guide to Islamic finance revised and updated for a post-crisis worldBecause it is entirely equity-based, rather than credit-based, finance is immune to the speculative bubbles and runaway volatility typical of Western finance. Especially now, in the wake of the global financial crisis, this has made them increasingly attractive to institutional investors, asset managers and hedge funds in search of more stable alternatives to conventional financial products. Read More →


Numerical Methods for Ordinary Differential Systems: The Initial Value Problem Free Download Pdf

Numerical Methods for Ordinary Differential Systems The Initial Value Problem J. D. Lambert Professor of Numerical Analysis University of Dundee Scotland In 1973 the author published a book entitled Computational Methods in Ordinary Differential Equations. Since then, there have been many new developments in this subject and the emphasis has changed substantially. This book reflects these changes; it is intended not as a revision of the earlier work but as a complete replacement for it. Read More →

Dark Money: The Hidden History of the Billionaires Behind the Rise of the Radical Right

Dark Money: The Hidden History of the Billionaires Behind the Rise of the Radical Right Free Download Pdf

Dark Money Why is America living in an age of profound economic inequality? Why, despite the desperate need to address climate change, have even modest environmental efforts been defeated again and again? Why have protections for employees been decimated? Why do hedge-fund billionaires pay a far lower tax rate than middle-class workers?
The conventional answer is that a popular uprising against “big government” led to the ascendancy of a broad-based conservative movement. But as Jane Mayer shows in this powerful, meticulously reported history, a network of exceedingly wealthy people with extreme libertarian views bankrolled a systematic, step-by-step plan to fundamentally alter the American political system. Read More →

Think Fast, Talk Smart: Quickest Way to Improve Your Communication Skills And Train Your Mind to Know What to Say in Any Social Situation (Always Know What to Say, No More Awkward Moments)

Think Fast Talk Smart Free Download Pdf

Think Fast Talk Smart  Do you ever run out of things to say?

Do you ever have your mind go blank and suddenly you find yourself struggling to come up with something to say?
Do you ever have to deal with awkward silences that are embarrassing and annoying?
Do you feel like you don’t really know how to keep a conversation going like most people do? Read More →


The Aircraft Encyclopedia Free Download Pdf

Aircraft Encyclopedia Used Softcover Edition published by Simon & Schuster, N.Y., 1985, 188 pages in Very Good Condition. Cover and first 30 pages have minor wear on the corner tips, the rest of the text is sharp. Spine is firm, book is still tight. There is no marks, writing, rips, tears, creases, or loose pages. Read More →

Bird: The Definitive Visual Guide

Bird: The Definitive Visual Guide Free Download Pdf

Unrivaled in scope for a single-volume reference work, this visual guide to every bird order and family profiles more than 1,400 species, photographed in their native environment by photographers around the globe. Authoritative, comprehensive, and completely up to date, this is a must-have reference for anyone with even a passing interest in the world’s birds. Read More →


The Encyclopedia of Crystals, Herbs, and New Age Elements: An A to Z Guide to New Age Elements and How to Use Them Free Download Pdf

Encyclopedia  Your essential guide to the power of New Age elements!

From crystals and herbs to flowers and essential oils, this comprehensive guide shows you how to use a variety of New Age elements to enhance your life. Each page includes information on their attributes, healing properties, and how they can be applied in any situation. With detailed descriptions and an informative glossary, you can quickly discover the New Age element that best serves your purpose, whether it’s promoting healing, activating creativity, or bringing about good fortune. Read More →